German Government Funding for Hydrogen Projects in Canada

Veranstalter German Secretariat of the Energy Partnership with Canada
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Ort Online (Zoom (Webinar))
Datum 26.10.2021 - 26.10.2021
Ansprechpartner Nicolai Pogadl
Telefon +15142485919

The German government recently announced its funding guideline for international green hydrogen projects, through which non-repayable grants totaling EUR 350 million will be provided for green hydrogen production, storage, transport, and application as well as research projects.

The funding guideline aims at projects outside the EU and the maximum amount per project is EUR 15 million. The first call for proposals closes at the end of October 2021, followed by two additional calls in December 2021 and February 2022.

This information and networking webinar, organized by the German Secretariat of the Energy Partnership with Canada, will give an overview on the funding guideline and dig into its details as well as provide an opportunity for interested stakeholders from Canada and Germany to explore the potential for joint projects.

Representatives from the involved German ministries and their execution partner will present and answer questions. The final agenda, preparatory materials, and follow-up information will be shared with registered participants only. Information collected bellow will solely be used for webinar preparation and targeted match-making.